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Coffee Concepts: new coffee and juice cafe in Amsterdam.

Coffee Concepts is a newly opened coffeebar near the Vondelpark and Museumplein. In a nice big space, in a lovely street, you can stop here to drink wonderful coffee and delicious fresh juice, straight from the juicer. There are also homemade pastries you can enjoy with your drinks.

The place looks beautiful, light and airy. The design is great, with the bar upstairs, tables and a big couch downstairs and pillows outside in the windows where you can sit in the sun. The art, lamps, books and decoration you’ll find in the café, are also for sale, so you can enjoy their style in your home as well.

I love that this place is not vintage or industrial styled like you see so much at coffeebars nowadays. It is certainly worth a visit when you are in the neighborhood.

Coffee Concepts
Jacob Obrechtstraat 5 in Amsterdam



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