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London vibes: my December citytrip

Last week I went to London for a little city trip with my boyfriend. We rented out our own apartment here in Amsterdam so we could spend a little extra money in London. We stayed for three nights and tried to see as much as we could. The weather was quite good; not too cold and no rain with sometimes, even a little sun..


I really liked to shop in Soho. Especially around Belgravia and Carnaby street. Also Shoreditch is much fun for the vintage shops, street art and cool coffeeshops. Mostly we just walked around, explored and enjoyed coffee’s and food. It was good!




For breakfast we visited the newly opened Cereal Killer Cafe in Shoreditch. This cool and fun place is the perfect breakfast joint. There are more than 120 types of cereals here and 30 different varieties of milk, which thus includes vegan options! Be sure to check the cereals so that you have a vegan one. You can even make your meal more spectacular with one of the 20 different toppings. I loved it!

Cereal Killer Cafe.
139 brick lane, London.



The streets of Shoreditch are perfect for long walks. There is graffiti and street art to discover at every corner. I found many great paintings and urban art.





In need of a coffee break while exploring? I found out that Brick Lane Coffee was a great adress. This cute place has many seats where you can relax and isn’t too crowded. Their ‘Flat Wife’ is excellent!

Brick Lane Coffee.
157 Brick Lane , London.



One of my best discoveries during this trip was for sure Barber & Parlour. A great new hotspot where you can find a cinema, a barber, an interior shop, a beauty shop, a great lunch cafe and a beauty salon all under one roof. The cool vibe, big but cosy spaces and good coffee make this place a must visit!

Barber & Parlour.
64-66 redchurch st. London.



Another good address for coffee, some food or even cocktails is The Book Club. This cool place is really big and perfect for meeting up with a group of friends. They organize various events here as well, like a monthly twerking class 😉

The Book Club.
100 leonard st., London.



We spend way more money than we planned to but it was a great couple of days! When you ‘re in London, make sure to check these spots out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!








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