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The fun art of flat lay styling.

I like pretty things. Pretty things that are also useful are great but often I find myself collecting mostly useless things. Things that are beautiful and that are put in boxes after I admired them for a little while. Since my collection of feathers, stones, jewelry, porcelain animal figures and postcards became bigger I thought of a fun way of using them: styling! I started using my collection of little treasures and knick-knacks to decorate my food photos on Instagram and I found out that it made my photos so much nicer. By using my, for example, bird feathers to decorate the photos with it made the end result so much more personal!


I really liked how the photos became something that someone could actually recognize as my work. A photo of a salad became much more than just a food photo.

If you test a little bit and try different combinations of things you’ll get better and better at it. Just use the things you love, like dried flowers, pretty stones, old necklaces or whatever you like and you think that would be pretty to photograph. I also like to just combine different things in the same color scheme and style to make a sort of flat lay mood collages. They have certain themes like ‘red’ or ‘autumn’. I think this is a fun and easy way of being creative and of putting a little more of your personal style into the photos that you would post on Instagram or your blog!





  1. wouw, omg, jou are making awesome pictures. You are having a real talent. I love you pictures really much (the first with the grapes the most) 🙂 !!! x


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