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Food inspiration: healthy and quick.

Every week from now on I will post meals that I had during that week. I like to make myself beautiful, healthy and delicious food. Unfortunately during the day I am often in a rush so I need to keep it simple. These yummy dishes I will show you are all very easy to prepare but still look pretty and taste great!

Above: ‘Strawberry yogurt soup with melon mix’.
Strawberry soy yoghurt mixed with hazelnut milk to make it thinner, like soup. The soup is filled with mixed types of melon and topped with granola and puffed quinoa.


‘Creamy bell pepper with nuts’.
Slighty oil the bell peppers and bake them in the oven for 20 min at 220 C. (Optional with some cheese inside). Afterwards fill the peppers with a spoon of hummus, some green olive tapenade and add some pepper/salt. Eat together with unsalted mixed nuts.


‘Pink breakfast smoothie’.
Blend a banana, a handful of (frozen) strawberries, a pear, a teaspoon of chia seeds and almond milk (enough to cover the fruits in the blender). Top with goji berries and chia seeds.


‘Nutty mango mix’.
Put the pieces of mango in a bowl together with unsalted mixed nuts. Add tahini and dates syrup and top with raw cocoa nibs.


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