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Diamonds are forever

My boyfriend John and I bought our apartment about 2,5 years ago. When we were searching for a place we knew exactly what we wanted: a bath, a spacious living room and the ‘Diamantbuurt’ as the location of our new home. In the end we didn’t get the bath but the more important part, the diamond neighborhood was successful. The reason we wanted to live there was that it was cheap, quite a central location and the ‘Van Woustraat ‘ was very upcoming.

Today we still love our hood. It was a great choice to come here and many new cool businesses open near our place every month. John is always a bit obsessed with everything that has a diamond on it because ‘it matches with our neighborhood!’ That’s why he bought me this sweater and forced me to wear it. It’s actually pretty cool. And it really does match with our neighborhood and our love for it.



The ‘Diamantstraat’ and a view of the old Diamond factory.


  1. Lovely neighbourhood! And lovely blog post ❤ Love blogs like yours x (found your blog on your yelp profile 😉 i'm @mrsgoldenberry or Giulianna G.)


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