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Weekly food inspiration

Hi guys! Here is what I ate this week. I actually only notice now that I had so much smoothies! I had even more but I did not photograph all of them because that would have been a little boring. I really love smoothies! A while ago my blender broke and then I bought a cheap new one and it wasn’t very good. It couldn’t handle big pieces of fruit or nuts and did not blend everything very smooth. It wasn’t fun anymore to experiment with smoothies Now I have a new one with a lot of power and I really enjoy making myself smoothies again!

All the meals in this post are vegan, healthy, delicious and easy to prepare!

Delish mango.
smoothie with mango, raw cocoa nibs, kiwi, pear and rice milk. Topped with chia seeds. I love the raw cocoa and mango combination!


Avocado toast.
Toasted bread with hummus and avocado. I usually only eat a little bread during the weekend because I really get a ‘bread belly’.


Fruity mix smoothie.
A smoothie with pear, kiwi, tangerine, some strawberries and rice milk topped with chia seeds and raw cocoa nibs.


Vegan lunch salad.
A nice salad that I had. Salad mix with fresh tomatoes, bell pepper, avocado, different unsalted nuts, fried onions, salt/pepper and a dressing made of soy sauce, lemon juice, olive oil and chili sauce.


Mango chocolate smoothie.
A smoothie with mango, raw cocoa nibs, inca berries and water. Perfect afternoon snack.


A big breakfast to keep you going.
Two Dutch rusk with hummus and avocado, grapes and smoothie with almond milk, banana and a kiwi.



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