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Coffee tour: Amsterdam east.

I am a huge coffee fan. I love a good flat white, strong black coffee or a quick and powerful espresso. One of my favorite things to do is visit new coffeeshops and I always get so excited when a new place opens in town. I usually head there as soon as I can, often on the opening day.

Since the coffee culture is getting more and more popular every day and goes way beyond just being a hipster trend now, a lot of new places keep popping up throughout the city. I think I have tried all of them by now and I obviously have some favorites. Today I will tell you about my favorite coffee spots in Amsterdam east, and more specifically: the neighborhood around Oosterpark and behind the Wibautstraat.


A great place to get a delicious cup of coffee is Roost. This corner coffeeshop just behind the Wibautstraat is a real find. I feel like a lot of people don’t know about this place yet because it is still quite ‘new’ but those people are truly missing out on some great specialty coffee.

There are many seats at Roost, which is great if you are planning on meeting with a few friends and want to be sure that there are seats left when you arrive.

Camperstraat 36, Amsterdam.


Well known in East and a real neighborhood classic is Coffee Bru. Being on of the first places in East to serve great coffee this spot has gotten themselves a great reputation amongst the locals.

The tropical Brazilian style coffeeshop serves great coffee and delicious cakes. It can be crowded sometimes but usually you’ll be able to find yourself a little seat somewhere.

The plants, wood and colorful interior make Coffee Bru extra fun and cosy. The excellent coffee is something to come back for. They also have vegan options for cakes!

Coffee Bru.
Beukenplein 14, Amsterdam.



The Rum Baba Bakery is from the same people as Coffee Bru and opened about a year ago at a quiet corner. It is a fun and cosy place with blue floors, some cool wall art and a lot of light. This part of Amsterdam East could really use a good specialty coffeeshop and Rum Baba was much welcome from the beginning.

Rum Baba is also really about pastries. They offer a big choice of cake, pie and cookies. So far everything I’ve tried here was delicious. It is perfect to spent a Sunday morning here with a good cappuccino and a vegan sweet (they often have one or two options).

Rum Baba Bakery
Pretoriusstraat 33, Amsterdam.


  1. John says

    “One of my favorite things to do is visit new coffeeshops”. Dat staat dan altijd zo gek als je het over Amsterdam hebt ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Maarja… hoe noem je die dingen anders hรจ?

  2. De koffie van Rum Baba Bakery smaakte mij prima.
    De zoete verwennerij heb ik nog maar even overgeslagen.
    Jammer dat er vooral schermwerkers aanwezig waren.
    Ik houd meer van het geluid van kletsende koffiedrinkers.
    Geroezemoes van draaiende laptopventilatoren inspireert mij minder.

    Vriendelijke groet,

    • Fijn dat het lekker was! En je hebr gelijk, tegenwoordig zit het helaas overal vol met beeldschermen ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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