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Liquid meals: Yes or no? Food inspiration!

Geez, it is cold outside! This week I spent a lot of time at home because of several reasons. I have to study a lot because of exams, I needed to save some money and I don’t really enjoy cycling through the city much when it’s freezing outside. Pretty good reasons to spend a little more time indoors and prepare some delicious meals at home. If you are wondering what to eat for breakfast or lunch this week, try some of these easy meals!

Also, a little something that I have experienced lately. Sometimes, when I feel like I need a little detox or cleanse I like to drink smoothies a lot. I’ll have a smoothie for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch and a normal dinner (because I dine with my boyfriend and cook for him). I have noticed that this, although it might feel nice at the moment, does not work for me. Because when my body gets liquid food all day, by the time I get dinner my body is craving for food so much, it seems to think ‘Fooood!! Quick, keep it keep it! We might not get any more food for a while!’. And then the next morning I’m two pounds heavier than usual. It is like my body goes into this starvation mode even though I’m not hungry, the smoothies fill me up and give me energy. Maybe it’s not like this for you, but I now try to eat something a little more heavy for breakfast to wake up my body, make it work, keep my metabolism high and let it notice that I am giving actual food. I can have a smoothie for lunch later, because I already had something heavier (like oats or yoghurt with granola).

Banana choco peanut oats
Cook your oats with almond milk and add to a bowl. Sprinkle raw cocoa nibs over the oats, add slices of banana, chia seeds, shredded coconut, a scoop of peanut butter and top with mulberries. Yum! This will keep you going for a while!


Green power shake
Blend spinach, cucumber, apple, banana and pear with water. This shake is healthy, delicious and refreshing. It is perfect as a snack or to combine with your breakfast. I also use it as a light lunch.


Tahini Broccoli veggie bowl
This veggie/salad bowl is so good! I can eat this daily. Have it as lunch or a dinner. It is suited for both.

Cook broccoli. Mix two tsp of tahini with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper (I don’t have exact measurements sorryyy , ask in comments if you need it and I’ll respond). Drain the broccoli, add half of your dressing and mix it through so the broccoli soaks it up. Put some salad mix on a plate, add the broccoli, add some sliced radish, mixed unsalted nuts and the leftover dressing. Enjoy!!


Quinoa lunch salad
Ok, this is actually a little cheating. The salad pictured in the photo..I did not prepare it myself because I was quite busy. I did buy it myself 😉 but I do make this type of salad often and it’s great for lunch or dinner both.

Cook your quinoa as the instructions on the package say. Rinse in cold water so its cooled down. Slice tomato, cucumber and spring onions in tiny pieces. Mix with the quinoa. Add feta cheese. Make a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, a little honey, salt and pepper and mix through the salad. Optional: add tiny sliced pieces of mint leafs. Enjoy


Pink dream smoothie
I had this smoothie for breakfast today together with this Stoats bar (really delicious cooked oats bar! ). Together this was a great light breakfast, perfect as a pre-workout meal. You don’t want a belly thats too full while working out right?

Blend oats milk with a banana, a handful of frozen strawberries and five lychees. Top with chia seeds. Sweet!



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