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Birdwonders goes Dutch!

Dear followers and everyone else who has taken some interest in my blog,
When I started this website I was thinking about the language. I wanted to write it in English because I would be nice if it could be a guide to Amsterdam, not only for Dutchies but for tourists and expats as well. I’ve been watching my statistics over the weeks and I see that most of my views are actually from The Netherlands (about 80%). Since it is quite comforting to read something that is written in your mother tongue and most of my visitors speak Dutch, i’ve decided that Birdwonders will be written in Dutch from now on. I’m sorry international readers, but I you still want to keep reading you will have to use google translate πŸ˜‰ or you can just keep checking the photos.

Love, Kim.


  1. lavenderlvndr says

    Hoi Kim, wat een supermooie foto’s heb je op je blog. Hartjes! Ik ga ook je Instagram account eens opzoeken.


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