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Everyday bits & pieces

1. Little guys getting excited after someone threw some bread. They are beautiful! 2. Some color on a grey day. Chai soy latte from the Coffee Company and a graffiti wall (and an orange coat!). 3. New shirt. 4. My little guy who keeps me company while I’m busy studying. 5. Pretty Amsterdam, who never disappoints me with it’s lovely sights. 6. A gift from the lovely new shop Gathershop, in the Van Woustraat. Love the wrapping! 7. A healthy detox juice to give me energy. I’m having a busy week. Lots of stuff to do and actually I’m having a little bit of a flu which makes it all a bird extra tiring. Looking forward to the weekend and posting some new recipes and food inspiration ❤

Caffènation: the newest addition to the Amsterdam coffee scene.

Caffènation is your new place to be in Amsterdam if you are in need of a good flat white or any other cup of coffee. The cafe recently opened near the Hoofddorplein and is already getting very popular with the locals. I totally get why, since Bert makes a delicious coffee and is also a very cool guy who is in for a little chat. The good reputation of their Antwerp location also does not hurt at all. Antwerp location? Well yes, Caffènation is a much loved coffeeshop in Antwerp. We are very lucky that Bert fell in serious love with a Dutch girl because that is what brought him here! And now he owns the Caffènation location here in Ansterdam. Cool stuff right? Coffee lovers will really enjoy the big drinks menu at this place which offers a lot of different choices like cappuccino and espresso but also more adventurous drinks like a ‘Ginger Spice’ or a ‘Bitter Moon’. Last few times I went with a flat white (like usual, they are my favorite!) …